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The following provides a range of materials that will help you with your thesis project. I would like to thank Steven Liao and Karine Le Du for providing their documents to be used as examples. Please note that the copyright to these materials remain with them. Also note that some of the following documents are in PDF format, you can download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them if you do not already have one.


Current Information

This PowerPoint presentation provides the most current information about theses and thesis proposals.


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Thesis Model

The following model is provided to assist you with formatting your undergraduate thesis: Thesis_Model.pdf


You can find thesis templates for various software packages at this SFU Library Site.

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Thesis Examples

You can find recent examples of Master's theses posted in this SFU Library Summit Repository.


The following provides an example of a proposal as well as a high quality thesis along with its PowerPoint slides for the Thesis Defense.


Liao Thesis Proposal Example.pdf presents an excellent example of a thesis proposal. We would like to thank Steven Liao for allowing his proposal to be used as an example


Le Du Thesis Example.pdf presents an outstanding example of a thesis (i.e., it was passed with Distinction). We would like to thank Karine Le Du for allowing her thesis to be used as an example.

Le Du Thesis Presentation.pdf provides an excellent example of the material covered during the thesis defense. We would like to thank Karine Le Du for allowing her presentation to be used as an example. Note that the final three slides were not part of the formal presentation, but were included by Karine in case certain questions were asked by the audience -- a good example of being prepared in advance.

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