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All students must complete a thesis proposal and an undergraduate thesis as part of the Honours Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree requirements at Simon Fraser University. The thesis proposal outlines the work to be undertaken in the thesis project. The undergraduate thesis is a formal report based on a research, development, and/or engineering design project undertaken in an industrial setting, a university laboratory, or some combination of the two locations. When the thesis is completed, you are required to defend it. Guidelines for the proposal, thesis, and defense are included in this website.


If you have any questions after reading the following reference materials, please contact:

  • Steve Whitmore at   whitmore@sfu.ca
  • Mike Sjoerdsma at   msjoerds@sfu.ca

  • "Knowledge is of two kinds.
    We know a subject ourselves, or we
    know where we can find information upon it."
    ~ Samuel Johnson ~


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