Please note that the following schedule provides the deadlines for the thesis proposal (ENSC 498). You should strive to complete these tasks earlier.

6th Week of Classes Initial draft should have been reviewed by your academic and technical supervisors.
8th Week of Classes 2nd draft should have been resubmitted to supervisors, if required.
10th Week of Classes 3rd draft should have been submitted to all committee members.
12th Week of Classes

Final draft must be signed off by supervisors and committee member(s).

When everyone has signed off, you MUST give a clean draft and the sign-off sheet to the Undergraduate Secretary. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR ENSC 498 UNTIL YOU HAVE PROVIDED THIS COPY TO THE UNDERGRADUATE SECRETARY.

Please note: The 12th week of classes is also the deadline for requesting a deferral.

If you are out of town while completing your thesis, be sure to allow sufficient time so you can meet the above deadlines. Also keep in mind that at any stage in the acceptance procedure, the proposal may be returned for revision.

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