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The following time lines are deadlines. Ideally, you should complete your tasks earlier.

Early in Semester Have met with or contacted committee members to review progress of project.
6th Week of Classes Detailed outline or partial draft should have been submitted to your supervisors for their initial responses. Any anomalies, such as a reference system other than the author-date system (see Referencing Conventions), should be approved by your committee.
10th Week of Classes Final draft submitted to all committee members.
11th Week of Classes Final draft signed off the academic supervisor; defense date being arranged and room booked through undergraduate secretary (complete and submit the Thesis_Defense_Approval_Form). Note that you should allow at least two weeks between booking a room and the defense.
13th Week of Classes Thesis defended.
1st Week of Exams Final revisions completed and thesis ready for binding. Note that if you wish to graduate in the semester immediately following your thesis semester, you MUST submit the revised thesis to the Undergraduate Secretary 3 full weeks prior to convocation (ensure the approval page is signed by all committee members, except for the Director). For example, if you wish to convocate on June 4th (or October 1st), your revised thesis MUST be submitted by May 14th (or September 10th) at 4:00 pm in the main office. IF YOUR REVISED THESIS IS NOT SUBMITTED BY THIS DEADLINE, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GRADUATE.

Note that the above schedule assumes that 498 and 499 are completed in different semesters. If you are taking 498 and 499 at the same time, you must work out a schedule of deadlines with your committee members and a communication lecturer.

Also note that the above schedule only allows one week for a Communication Lecturer to read and sign-off your thesis (if required). This schedule is only possible if you have previously had a significant portion of your thesis reviewed and have revised the rest accordingly. If you first hand in your thesis to the communication lecturer in the 10th week of classes and major revisions are required, you will not be able to defend by the 13th week of classes, and you will have your graduation delayed. You must complete the on-line Thesis Checklist prior to having your thesis reviewed by a communication Lecturer or it will be returned unread.

And finally, note that you cannot book a room for your thesis defense until your academic supervisor has signed the Thesis_Defense_Approval_Form indicating your thesis is ready for defense. The attached example is provided for information only. This multi-part form is available outside Steve Whitmore's’ office (ASB 9872), and a completed copy of it must be provided to the Undergraduate Secretary in order to book a room. Alternatively, your Academic supervisor can send an e-mail to the Undergraduate Secretary confiming that you are ready to defend

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