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Carefully review the general guidelines on format in Strategies for Engineering Communication (Whitmore and Stevenson, 2002, John Wiley and Sons). As well as the general guidelines, you must follow the following specific guidelines.

Sections of the Thesis

Include the following sections in your thesis in the order listed below:

  • Title Page (see Sample Thesis Title Page)
  • Approval Page (see Sample Thesis Approval Page)
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of Contents
  • Lists of Figures and Tables
  • List of Acronyms or Technical Terms
  • Introductory, Body, and Concluding Chapters
  • References (see Sample Reference List Following Author-Date System)
  • Appendices

  • Please note that a thesis model is provided in Thesis Examples for the format of your thesis.

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    Margins and Paper
    Margins must be at least 1.25 inches (3.18 cm) on the left side of the page and 1 inch (2.54 cm) on the top, bottom, and right sides. Ensure that page numbers, titles, and so on are within these margins.

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    Typeface and Print Quality
    Use the same type face throughout, with the possible exception of appendices, which must nevertheless produce clear photocopies. Ensure you do not use full justification. (You may prefer the look of a fully justified page, but one that is only justified on the left side is much easier to read.)

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    Submitting the Post-Defense Draft
    After defending your thesis and making final revisions, please obtain all of the required signatures on your approval page. Submit hard copies of the signed Approval Page (the UGPA will obtain the Director’s signature), the Title Page, and the Abstract to the UGPA. Also submit an electronic copy of the thesis (in .pdf format) to the UGPA, with a copy to your Academic Supervisor. For your own protection, do not include your student number anywhere in this thesis as it will be posted on-line once any confidentiality period has expired.  Only after this electronic thesis has been submitted, can a passing grade be processed.

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    Sample Pages

    The following figure provides a sample thesis title page.

    The following figure provides a sample thesis approval page.

    Please note that the sample approval page is for a project conducted in industry. Variations in the supervisory committee are outlined in Theses.

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