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Peer Reviewed SCI Journal Publications

- Highlights: Papers published in Adv.Mater. (impact factor 27)  #58, Joule (impact factor 27) #47

- Journal Cover Images: Adv. Elect. Mater. #49, Adv.Intell. Sys. #50, Adv.Mater. Technol. #53, #60

- Research Topics:

   1) 3D Conductive Printing: #41, #42, #43, #46, #47, #48, #61, #62

   2) Advanced 3D Printing: #48, #47, #46, #43, #42, #41

   3) Architectured Solid: #39, #44, #48, #52, #56, #60

   4) Sensing Robots: #52, #53, #58, #60, #61

   5) Wearables: #22, #24, #25, #30, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #45, #61

   6) Chemical Sensors: #38, #45, #49, #50, #51, #53, #55, #59

   7) Wireless Sensors: #25, #31, #35, #49, #53




Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

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14.  J. Kim, and W.S. Kim*, “Evaluation of Stress Distribution in Direct Stamping of Silver Nano Ink

       by Analysis of Finite-element Model”,  Proceeding of IEEE Nano, TuDPS.19, August 2014. DOI

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3.  W.S. Kim*, D. Kalia, and J. Kim “Ultra-sensitive Flexible Pressure Sensor with Stamped Polyurethane Rubber” Proceeding of IEEE Nano, pp. 1607-1610, 2011. DOI


     12. W.S. Kim and Jiseok Kim, “Direct Stamping of Silver Nanoparticle Inks for Thick Electrode”

             US Provisional  No. 61/672,156


       Prior to SFU career


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PUBLICATIONS (SCI-extended journal papers)

1.C. G. Choi, W.S. Kim, and B.S. Bae, “Low Dielectric Constant Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials by Non-Hydrolytic Sol-Gel Method”. Electronic Materials Letters, vol. 1, pp.87 (2005).

PUBLICATIONS of Invited Book Chapter

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