PC World Hungary, September 2004
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Longhorn Systray Clock


The future operating system of Microsoft, the next Windows version developed under codename Longhorn, had an inspirating effect on several developers. Many of them creates visual styles and utilities, which imitate the current - primordial in its unfinished state - Longhorn interface and services.

THE test versions of Longhorn has a revamped clock on the Systray. The current clock is hard to read and cannot be customized at all, but its successor is planned to be much more spectacular. Several programmers embraced the idea, and various "longhornized" clocks has been made, but none of them is so small and striking as the Longhorn Systray Clock or as it is nicknamed: LClock.
The small utility changes the look of the clock in runtime, and this look can be very widely customized via the applet in the Control Panel. We can modify the font and the metrics of the clock, can set and display the AM/PM indicator or the abbreviated weekday names, change the color and position of numbers and letters, and their optional shadows. Settings are stored in separate files.
The LClock became successful in a short time, thanks to its developer who is open for new ideas, and to the enthusiastic forum visitor group formed around it - the development can be followed at the Windows customization forum of Neowin (http://hopp.pcworld.hu/199).
The best suggestions are included already in the new versions, so today we can have eye catching calendar if clicking on the clock and this could be customized too; fonts, colors and metrics, custom flip buttons and backgrounds, even the rate of transparency, all can be changed. Timed reminder feature and easy skin changing is also in the development plans.

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The clock is small, but it has rich customization options for its various functions, like the calendar.

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Fashion show, featuring remarkable models

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Product: Longhorn Systray Clock
Developer: Ying Han
Licence: freeware
Web: hopp.pcworld.hu/199

- Windows XP

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http://hopp.pcworld.hu/199 or LClock @ neowin.net