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About me

     I am a student of Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During college years, I have learnt a lot, and found so many things that attract me. Therefore I build this website to post whatever I like. There are five parts in the website: home page (this page) introduces some information about me; interest page gives my evaluation and recommendation of films, games and other things; application page provides my creations, basically programs; research page includes my researches and projects in my college; contact page leaves several ways to contact me. In this page, I will list several keywords about me or best describe me. I hope you can find something similar, and maybe we will get a chance to share our experience.

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My college - SJTU

     Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Minhang Campus) is a very beautiful place. It is more like a park than college, for it has abundant trees and birds, rivers and lakes. The picture shows Siyuan Lake, which I took while having a walk in the morning. The campus is near Zizhu Science Park, where locates many research institutions of high-tech companies.

My roommates

     It is such an honor for me to have such great roommates. They are from different places, bearing different culture (and dialects) , having their own styles. However, we perfectly match each other so that we make a great team to do some exciting things during college time. We often organize activities like shopping, barbecue or camping. The picture was taken when we were having a two-day trip in Sheshan Hill, Shanghai.


     Being a volunteer is pleasant, organizing volunteers is a hard work. I have been involved in many voluntary works as both volunteer and team leader since I joined the volunteer union in my college. We also established a voluntary program of teaching handicraft courses for hearing-impaired children in a special elementary school, to bring them fun and practice their communication skill. We contacted the school for permission, then made posters to recruit volunteers. Every week we trained volunteers how to teach children, and guided them during the whole activity. Those are very valuable memories for me. Here is a picture of our team and the volunteers.


     I learnt to use Photoshop since I was in elementary school. At first I used it to modify and synthesize photos. Then, I found abstract things such as logos and cartoon figures, rather than real-world objects, attracted me most. So I began to practice graphic design. Here is the logo I designed for our dorm room. Our room number is 213, so the logo is based on 213 and looks like 2B, which has a special and ambiguous meaning in Chinese you probably don't want to know.


     Programming can make a lot of things easier. Many people consider it as a professional skill, but I think it's more like a tool in our life. Programming skills really help you when you are dealing with computers, especially in batch processing. I have written several programs to help me solve mathematical problems, collect online materials, cheat in PC games, or just for fun. I also made games, and the picture shows an HTML5 game imitating Alto's adventure. See more in Application section.

Image Processing

     Since I love Photoshop and programming, it is not surprising that I love images and its processing. I have collected thousands of beautiful pictures and the keep-changing image in this page contains some of them. I process images for both art and science. You can see more in Application and Research section. I also love playing video games, which drives me to study and develop Kinect.

Video game

     I love video games for their beautiful scenes, exciting stories and vast imagination. I have played plenty of games covering almost all types and themes. Some games have complete worlds for you to explore, like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Witcher 3; some have extraordinary plots that give you impressive feelings, like Undertale and Heavy Rain; some allow you to experience something you can never experience in real life, like Call of Duty and Need for Speed; some encourage you to create your own world, like MineCraft and Spore. Many games are truly works of art. The picture is from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.


     I watch all kinds of movies, and I prefer Sci-Fi and Animation. A Good film can tell a complete and attractive story in merely 2 hours, which is a challenge for the director. Sci-Fi and Animation are more challenging since they have to declare the concept of the worlds they created. Just like computer games, there are all kinds of movies, including documentary, which I also prefer for its truth-telling essence. You can see my evaluation and recommendation of games and films in Interest section. The picture is from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


     Animation is based on reality and higher than reality. I mostly admire its abstraction of real-world people and objects. It is amazing that you can use a few strokes to represent something in real world with most of its features. Recently, companies have been focusing on 3D animation. Traditional hand-drawing 2D animation is "expired". Therefore, the figure looks more real, and the abstraction is not that exquisite as 2D animation. By the way, you can see my icon is in South Park style. The picture is from Song of the sea, a very beautiful watercolor style animation movie.


     I separate Japanese animation (anime) from other animation, because it is so advanced. Although there are animes which present abnormal themes, it is no doubt that Japanese-style abstraction of figures and scenes appears really beautiful. Besides, the music and songs are also impressive, and some animes have fascinating stories and fantastic imagination. You can see more in Interest section. The picture is from Charlotte.

Mysterious things

     People always have the curiosity to discover unidentified and mysterious things. Actually the development of science and technology is relying on curiosity and discovery. But when something goes extreme, someone may fall into the obsession of UFOs, aliens, monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena. I can't deny their existence, and I don't totally believe them. I'm just curious, and want to find something exciting in our mortal, boring life.
Zhiqin Chen

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