Rainfall-Runoff Data Description

Detailed rainfall-runoff data were collected from the hillslope from January through June 2002. During this period, 23 discrete rainstorms were recorded ranging in magnitude from 5 to 68 mm, with three rainstorms exceeding 50 mm. The data collection is described in Tromp-van Meerveld and McDonnell (2006b,c). Stormflow delivered at the trench face via matrix and macropore flow (trenchflow) was monitored from the 10 individual 2-m trench sections and five macropores (see Figure 2). Trenchflow is reported in L 15 min-1 (the raw data were recorded at 1 minute intervals), starting at 00:00 hrs on 1/1/2002 (Datafile 2). When total flow for a 2 m section was calculated, flow from a pipe in that section was added to the measured matrix flow from the 2 m section. When a pipe was located on the border of two sections (Figure 2), flow from that pipe was partitioned equally between the two adjacent sections. Total trench flow, reported in mm 15 min-1, is the summed flow from each of the 10 trench sections and the five macropores. Missing data (during the March 2 event) is denoted by -99.

Rainfall was recorded using three instrument types: (1) every minute at three sites in the PMRW using tipping-bucket rain gauges, (2) continuously using a weighing-bucket gauge in a clearing near the PMRW watershed, and (3) each week using three standard gauges (see Figure 1). The tipping-bucket rainfall data series were combined to yield one rainfall time-series for the watershed and are given in in mm 15 min-1 (Datafile 2).

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