Plenary Speakers


                   'Adaptive and stochastic algorithms for piecewise constant EIT and DC resistivity problems with many measurements' (talk in PDF form)

                   'The curious importance of function spaces for the Maxwell equations.' (talk in PDF format)

                  'The numerical computation of violent waves- application to wave energy converters.' (talk in PDF format)

                   'A stochastic Newton method for large-scale seismic wave propagation inverse problems.'

                   'Direct computation of inverse problems for medical imaging.' (talk in PDF format)

                'High-order methods for and applications of wave scattering simulations' (talk  in mp4 format)

                'High Performance Scalable Computations of Hurricane Driven Wind Waves, Storm Surge, and Flow in Integrated Ocean Basin to Shelf to Inland Floodplain Systems.'

                  'Femtosecond Fiber Lasers Based On Dissipative Solitons.' (talk in PDF format. For PowerPoint version, click here.)