Here to build a better future

Simon Fraser University is stepping up to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic recovery. Our faculty, students and staff are engaged with people and organizations in Canada and around the world to drive innovation, improve public health, fight climate change, promote democracy, and create exciting new economic opportunities. In these, and so many other ways, we’re here to help shape a better future for everyone.

We help communities fight climate change.  SFU’s Adaptation to Climate Change Team works with B.C. communities to strengthen climate change resilience and reduce greenhouse gases.

We foster entrepreneurial innovation. Indigenous Business Leadership Program director Alexia McKinnon works with Indigenous peoples and communities to support economic innovation.

We help young people stay healthy. Health sciences professor Paola Ardiles studies COVID-19’s impact on the physical and mental health of post-secondary students.

We improve public health. Sustainable energy engineering professor Zafar Adeel examines how expanding access to drinking water builds more resilient and healthier communities.

We lead health innovation. SFU’s ImageTech Lab uses sophisticated imaging tools to treat brain disorders.

We innovate to fight climate change. Sustainable energy engineering professor Sami Khan develops efficient systems to capture and convert carbon dioxide emissions.

We help farmers innovate. SFU researchers improve crop-data tools, develop safer pest controls and help farmers grow more food with less pesticide.

We improve seniors’ care. Gerontology professor Habib Chaudhury studies COVID-19’s impact on seniors to help drive transformational change in long-term care.

We train the next generation of cleantech engineers. Students at SFU’s School of Sustainable Energy Engineering learn to become global leaders in cleantech.

We help businesses become more resilient. Sarah Lubik, SFU’s director of entrepreneurship, looks at how businesses can use technology to become more resilient to future pandemics and economic disruptions.

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