Paige Hunter, Research Assistant

Paige (she/her) is an undergraduate Resource and Environmental Management Honours student, a research assistant with SFU’s ACT - Action on Climate Team, the climate education working group lead for SFU350, and a COP27 delegate. She has worked with ACT since January 2020, where her work has encompassed a variety of projects relating to low carbon resilience, climate justice, nature-based solutions, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Paige's undergraduate honours research analyzed best practices in wildfire recovery policy between the fire-prone regions in British Columbia, California, and New South Wales, Australia with a focus on preventing climate displacement and migration. With SFU350 she is part of a team developing climate justice curricula and other educational resources at SFU. Paige attended COP27 on behalf of both ACT and SFU350 as a member of the Simon Fraser University delegation.