Elders’ Digital Storytelling Research Project
(AGE-WELL NCE 2015–2020; SSHRC 2014–2016)

Welcome to the Elders’ Digital Storytelling Project at Simon Fraser University!

Digital storytelling is a form of narrative that creates short movies using relatively simple media technology.

The Elders’ Digital Storytelling project, which began in 2014 funded by SSHRC, is now funded by the AGE-WELL national centre of excellence project.

Since 2014, the face-to-face course has been conducted in several municipalities in Greater Vancouver. And, in 2018, the first fully online version of the course has been offered to two groups, through the online learning platform CanvasOur mission is to provide digital storytelling course offerings for older adults to create a legacy, that is, to leave a piece of their life story for family members, friends and others. We hope that the stories created by our participants will reflect on their life journeys and share important incidents in their lives with others. A secondary purpose is to develop 21st century skills and promote access to modern computer technology through the use of browser-based digital storytelling software.

Our research goal is to investigate whether digital storytelling can encourage and support communication and socialization, the maintenance and development of cognitive, communication, media and technology skills, as well as provide social-emotional benefits to older adults.

Here are a few digital stories from our participants: