We believe the path to fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth lies in supporting small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to reach the market faster through SFU’s circle innovation model.

Who we work with

We are seeking applications from SMEs that:

  • Have between 4-200, full-time employees
  • Are a private corporation headquartered in B.C.
  • Have been in operation for at least two years
  • Have a clear plan to scale up their business
  • Are able to contribute at least $25,000 and up to $250,000
  • Have 1–4 collaborating partners on the proposed project (e.g., B.C. post-secondary institutions, companies, agri-food producers, greenhouse operators, and others), that are actively involved in the delivery of one or more project deliverables

Projects we support

We are seeking product development projects that:

  • Create products or services in the areas of agriculture, agri-technology and agri-foods with a focus on product development, testing and piloting solutions in simulated and real-world environments to be farm-ready
  • Have a product at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5-9
  • Are short in duration: 6-12 months
  • Have a total project budget between $50,000-$500,000
  • Have the potential to be commercialized within 12-24 months from the start of the project

How it works

We know time is valuable when launching a new product. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service through an application process that is fast and agile.

Learn more about SFU's circle innovation model.

Get started

Send us a brief project description and we'll begin by setting up a discovery call.