How we help

SFU's co-creation model fosters connection, collaboration and commercialization to help agritech small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reach the market faster.

SFU's co-creation model

We provide matching funding, end-to-end project support, and partnerships to power your growth. Accelerate your business by harnessing the power of our co-creation model.



You will create dynamic connections with subject-matter experts, including producers, governments, Indigenous communities, not-for-profit organizations, and researchers.



You will have access to industry and academic partners to co-create and gain the insights, support and infrastructure you need to advance and de-risks your project.



You will receive end-to-end support to test, pilot, and develop your product in a simulated and real-world environment so it is ready for market sooner.

We don’t incubate, we circulate

Our product development ecosystem is designed to help businesses develop, test, and pilot solutions in the field quickly and effectively.

Our network of experts will work with you to find solutions to your unique challenges.

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