Wes & Bronwen

About Wes & Bronwen:

Wes, BA (Geography) 2012, Certificate for CED Professionals (2014), M.Urb (2018)

Bronwen, BA (Double Major in Sociology & Communications) 2017


Q: How have you had to adapt your work life? What has been easy/hard?

A: We figured out pretty quickly into both of us working from home that we were going to need to employ some home-reno innovation. Thankfully by April we had already binge-watched enough Love It Or List It that we felt confident enough transforming a large closet we had into a new home office space. Only doing zoom meetings with work colleagues isn’t the same as face to face and we both look forward to getting back to our respective work offices. We've only had a small bubble of friends all year who we've seen in person, we've had our "safe six" since May or so, and literally half that bubble just bought places in Powell River and moved there.  

Q: What are you doing for fun? 

A: We've been out running and trail walking a lot this year and went on some weekend getaways to the Okanagan and Vancouver Island before the travel restrictions, where we did.....even more trail walking! And beach meandering. Bronwen bought me a camera for my birthday in March as I’ve always loved taking pictures so I’ve been out taking it with me on trail walks and have managed to snap some pretty nice photos. BC certainly doesn’t make it hard for an aspiring photographer given its stunning beauty. Now that the weather has turned cold we're riding the indoor exercise bike a bit more. 

Q: How have you been keeping yourself entertained? What are you watching/reading? 

A: We actually went back and watched some classics like Lost, David Lynch’s entire Twin Peaks work, Parks and Recreation, and right now we’re enjoying the Good Lord Bird after burning our way through Mr. Robot. We absolutely loved the Queen's Gambit. Reading wise Bronwen – just finished the Lighthouse by Virginia Wolfe and Discourses of Capitalism by Christian Chun. Wes – Working in public health I’ve found the rise of conspiracy theories around COVID-19 troubling so I finished two books recently on Conspiracism from American academics who are studying it including Conspiracies of Conspiracies (Konda, 2019) and A Lot of People Are Saying (Rosenbluth and Muirhead, 2019) I just ordered Seth Klein’s new book A Good War and I’m looking forward to that. I’ve also been writing songs again on guitar and hope to be in the studio again to record another album with my friend Jason who has a studio (Jacknife Sound) in Vancouver. (On that note if you search Spotify or Apple Music or Google Play for my name you should be able to find the album Wes recorded in 2019)

Q: How are you staying connected with family/friends? 

A: As noted earlier we’ve maintained a small bubble but have been going for outdoor meets, coffee at the park or beach, we did zoom drinks for a while when the pandemic first hit. Our family is spread out across Canada and the UK so we’re pretty used to social distance and online platforms. 

Q: Advice for current SFU students during this time of physical distancing?

A: In the immortal words of Dr. Bonnie Henry, this is for now, not forever. It’s important that young people know the risks of COVID19 aren’t just flu like symptoms for a couple of days, that this virus can hit you like a truck and put you in the hospital even if you’re young and healthy. We are also learning it can cause organ damage (heart, lungs and kidneys in particular) putting a lot of life plans in jeopardy, especially if you are an athlete or just a very active person as we know many SFU students, faculty and alumni are! We are still learning about this virus and the lingering effects it can have on our bodies but it’s just not worth it when you have your whole life ahead of you to take a gamble putting yourself in an unsafe situation or environment. Please, listen to the guidance and directions of Public Health.

Q: Anything else you would like to say? 

As proud SFU alumni we’re excited to see what name will be replacing the Clan, and also the new stadium addition and the new SUB! We also want to acknowledge the leadership of outgoing President Andrew Petter who was president nearly the entire time we studied at SFU and to congratulate Joy Johnston who we are excited to see taking over the helm from him.