Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Please review our current FAQs below: Invitation & Registration, Dates & Times, Eligibility, Travelling to Canada, Before your ConvocationDay of Convocation, and FAQs for guests.

We will continue to update this page as we approach May Convocation.

Invitation & Registration

Why are you having people register for May convocation and then sending an invitation? Why can’t this be done in one phase instead of two?

  • More than 13,000 alumni are eligible to cross the stage in May. Registration in Phase 1 will help us determine how many graduates to expect from each faculty.
  • After Phase 1 we were able to determine how many ceremonies to schedule in order to safely accommodate all graduates and guests.


  • If you did not sign up for a guaranteed seat in Phase 1, please email with your:
    • Student Number
    • First & Last Name
    • Date of birth
  • Until April 6, if there is space, we will email you with the opportunity to register for your ceremony. 

I forgot to reserve my regalia! How do I do that now?

After you have confirmed your attendance, you will need to rent your regalia from the Gaspard rental company. The reservation portal will reopen soon and close on May 1.

If you didn't reserve your regalia immediately after registering for your ceremony, you should visit the Gaspard website and follow the instructions. You will be prompted to add your information, review your order and submit payment

If you have any problems or concerns regarding renting your regalia please call Gaspard at 1-866-949-5703 Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (pacific time), email or use the contact form on their website. When sending an email to Gaspard please include your name, institution name, student number and order number.

How many guests will I be able to bring to Convocation?

  • Grads were able to invite up to two guests with a possibility of adding more guests to a waitlist. We have released a limited number of guest seats on a first come, first served basis. Registered alumni were sent an email with a link to register additional guests. If you did not recieve this email, check your junk/spam folder then email Guest limits are required to follow fire regulations and health and safety guidelines as per the regional and provincial health authorities.

I don’t remember my student number. How can I get it?


How do I know the date for my ceremony?

  • Ceremonies will take place May 4-6 2022.
  • If you reserved your seats in Phase 1, you will have received an email in the second week of March with your ceremony date and time. These can be also found on the schedule page.

Can I choose which date to attend between May 4-6?

  • Ceremonies will be organized so that you will cross the stage with graduates from your faculty. You will only be able to attend the ceremony that is scheduled for your faculty.

I have also just completed another degree/certificate/diploma at SFU. Can I go to both May and June convocations?



If I’m unable to attend the May Returning Grad Ceremonies, can I attend the June 2022 ceremonies or other ceremonies?


I completed my degree in Fall 2019. Can I come to the May ceremony?

Yes, alumni who completed their programs in Fall 2019 and did not get a chance to cross the stage in June 2020 are invited to the May 2022 event. You should have received an invitation if we have your current email address in our records.


I am currently outside of Canada. What do I need to do to come back?

  • Depending on your country of origin, you will need a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in order to enter Canada. If you have a valid TRV/eTA, you may be able to enter Canada providing you comply with the current travel restrictions and exceptions. Please visit the IRCC website for further details. You may be required to provide proof of your Convocation ceremony upon entering Canada to help demonstrate your purpose of travel.  
  • If you are applying for a TRV/eTA from outside of Canada, you may be asked to state your purpose of travel in your application. In this case, we recommend that you create your own Letter of Explanation and attach supporting documents like SFU's Convocation Confirmation. 
  • For more information on how to apply for a TRV/eTA, please visit IRCC's website
  • Please connect with an International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist if you have any questions about what you require in order to travel to Canada.
  • Note: please check Canada’s website for the most current information on the requirements to travel to Canada from your country:

My family lives overseas. How can I invite them to my convocation?

SFU's International Services for Students has prepared a guide for inviting your family members and guests to join you for convocation: 

The specific advice for inviting family members can be found here (PDF)



If you are an alumnus with a disability and you require assistance at your ceremony, please complete the Application for Convocation Assistance Form (PDF) and return it by email to before April 26, 2022. 

Please note: only certified service/guide animals may accompany alumni with disabilities to cross the stage.

How can I get professional graduation photos?

  • The Artona Group Inc. is open for photography and processing orders. If you would like to go to their studio, the University has provided a set of academic regalia for all Simon Fraser University degrees to the Artona studio in Vancouver. Please contact their online support team directly through live chat at or email You may also book your photo session directly with Artona:
  • At convocation, Artona will be photographing alumni as they cross the stage and taking an additional “standing” photo during the ceremony. They will also have a separate mini studio on the North side of Freedom Square where you can take seated photos. Those photos can be ordered from

I may have made a mistake on my regalia order with Gaspard. How do I contact them?


Will the Convocation Ceremonies for Returning Graduates be live-streamed?


Will the Convocation Ceremonies for Returning Graduates be much like the traditional convocation ceremonies?


What time should I arrive on campus?

You should be on campus to pick up your parchment and regalia between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. for a morning ceremony and between 12:45 and 1:45 p.m. for an afternoon ceremony.

Will I get another Parchment & folder to cross the stage?

  • You received your official SFU parchment by mail when you graduated. You will not receive another parchment at the May Convocation event. Please consider bringing just the blue folder with you for photo purposes.You received your official SFU parchment in your Convocation gift box. You will not receive another parchment at the May Convocation event.

What should I bring to May Convocation?

  • Please bring the blue folder that holds your SFU parchment (you can leave your parchment at home if you prefer). This folder is often used as a prop for photos as you cross the stage or take photos with your family and friends. We will not be providing additional blue folders during May Convocation.
  • All graduates in the ceremony will need to bring valid photo ID such as a driver’s licence or student ID card for verification purposes. Public health orders may also require us to check your vaccine passport.

This question will be updated as we get closer to Convocation.

Can I walk across the stage with something other than my parchment?

Unless following your cultural protocol requires you to carry a symbolic item, graduands should not be carrying anything but their parchment as they cross the stage.

Can I bring my dog?

Only certified service/guide animals may accompany graduands and guests with disabilities at convocation.

Can we bring balloons into Convocation Mall?

Guests who bring balloons need to ensure that they are not blocking the line of sight for other guests while in Convocation Mall. Ushers may request that they're stored outside of Convocation Mall until after the ceremony.

Can I bring a stroller into Convocation Mall?

Unattended stroller parking is available at the back of Convocation Mall. Due to fire and safety regulations, seating aisles must remain clear. Strollers cannot be parked in the aisles next to your seat.

Health & Safety

Do graduands and guests have to wear a mask at convocation?

At SFU we encourage mask use on our campuses and particularly in spaces where we are in close proximity. Please be understanding and compassionate of people’s individual circumstances and individual choices about masks as we continue to cultivate a community of care.

Many members of our community will continue to prefer to wear masks in indoor spaces.

How will safety protocols be enforced?

All on-site event staff and volunteers will be trained on convocation event health and safety protocols. If you have concerns regarding health and safety at the event, please notify one of the on-site event staff or security guards.


Where can my guests park?

  • There will be free parking for alumni and guests in the North and Central parking lots at the Burnaby campus. If your guests require accessible parking, they may proceed to the Central lot underneath Convocation Mall.

How does my guest check in on my Convocation day?

  • Please print your guests’ Eventbrite tickets or bring them on a phone to check in at Convocation Mall. We will scan the QR code on the ticket and admit your guest(s).

Where do guests sit?

  • Guests will be seated in the covered Convocation Mall, right behind the graduating students' seats. Family and friends should find their seats well before the procession begins.

What should guests wear?

  • Your guests should dress appropriately for the weather. Convocation Mall is under cover but open on both ends, and can be breezy, so audience members should dress warmly.

What if my guests need additional accommodations in the seating area?

  • Elderly guests and anyone with special needs regarding seating should identify themselves to any of our ushers in Convocation Mall.

If my guest can no longer make it, can I bring someone else? How can i change the name(s) of my guests?

  • We will be scanning the QR code on your guests’ Eventbrite tickets but we will not be double checking it with their personal identification. Please ensure that you only have one guest per ticket as we will only admit the first person on each ticket’s QR code. Each QR code can only be used once. (Once guests have been admitted, they will be able to get their hands stamped to exit Convocation Mall.)

My guest(s) can no longer attend and no one will be replacing them. How do I let you know?

  • If you or your guest(s) can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket in Eventbrite or email This will ensure others who need more guest tickets will get them.

What time should my guests arrive?

Morning ceremonies begin at 9:45 am and afternoon ceremonies begin at 2:30 pm. Your guests will be able to check in 60 minutes before your ceremony begins. Please ask your guests to be seated 15 minutes before each ceremony begins.

Have questions but can't find the answers? Please email