Are you ready to be more environmetnally conscious in 2023? Our long-awaited Fair Trade Campus Week is back! Like last year, we will be serving different Fairtrade baked goods and beverages every day. Come and talk to us about anything that you are curious about Fair Trade. Rememebr there's no silly questions and you are always welcome to reach out to us through Instagram and Twitter.

Schedule for our Campus Week

Date: January 23rd to 27th - 10AM to 3PM


Location: Monday, Thursday and Friday will be outside of Mackenzie cafe

                  Tuesday and Wednesday will be at the convo mall


Beverages and baked goods will be served throughout the week

  • Brownie Monday 
  • Coffee Tuesday
  • Chocolate Wednesday
  • Banana Thursday
  • Tea Friday

Fairtrade Trivia

It is time to test how much you know about Fairtrade. Wondering how you could win the Fairtrade Trivia? Come and talk to us at our booth to learn more about Fairtrade!

We will be collaborating with SFU Dining services for this event and we hope to see you soon!