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Imagination in Education

For Mark Fettes, his first doctoral course in education was "like a homecoming." With two and a half degrees in biochemistry, that sounds like an odd statement. But Fettes had decided not to be a lab scientist, quit his PhD program, gone to work for an NGO in Europe (where his work language was Esperanto and he also learned Dutch), and returned to Canada to work for the Assembly of First Nations researching community-based language problems in aboriginal communities.


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  • Mountain High

    The 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, may seem like a long, long time ago. But its effects are still being felt. A paper co-authored by biology research associate Daniel Esler and published in Science shows that the spill contaminated habitats and food chains for more than a decade.
  • Book Takes

    All the bad girls – Lilith, Eve, Pandora, Cleopatra, the Sirens, and Lolita – are featured in Jane Billinghurst’s temptingly beautiful book. Billinghurst, who directs SFU’s summer book editing workshop, chronicles beautiful women who aren’t afraid to use what they have to get what they want.
  • Who's News?

    He’s a shipwreck archaeologist with a long list of books under his belt, is executive director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum, has appeared as an expert in numerous television documentaries, co-hosts the new National Geographic International Television series The Sea Hunters, and is pursuing a PhD in history at SFU.
  • Changing Faces

    Doris Shadbolt, long-time arts patron and friend of the university, died in December. She was a key figure in the visual arts scene in Vancouver and across the country. Shadbolt is recognized as one of a small group of individuals who moved Canadian art toward the modernity of the twentieth century and who recognized the importance of the artistic expression of First Nations people.
  • Alumni Watching

    Salt Spring Island’s Irene Wright (PDP’67. BA’91, MA’95) is one of 12 women on the cover of the West Coast Women 2004 Appointment Book. Wright, who is December’s West Coast woman for community leadership, is an environmental activist, retired French immersion teacher and coordinator, community justice advocate, and president of the Saanich–Gulf Islands NDP Federal Riding Association.
April 2004 issue cover