Tim Kelley has developed and managed numerous major events throughout his career and is currently a consultant to the 40th anniversary committee. He has a long history with the university, starting as a student in 1971 and recently pursuing an MA in the graduate liberal studies program. Tim says: “Coming to SFU was a turning point for me. I met my wife here and got a firm foundation for my career. SFU continues to change my life.”

Anthea Lee, who designed SFU’s 40th anniversary logo, has a lifelong history with the university. She spent her formative years at SFU’s French immersion pre-school and summer camps programs, later returning to complete her BA in communication. Now Anthea is a graphic designer with SFU’s marketing communications unit in continuing studies. In her spare moments, she is a freelance designer, an artist, a crafter, and an illustrator.

Rowland Lorimer, who wrote a remembrance of Peter Buitenhuis, is director of the master of publishing program at Simon Fraser University. Besides being a former neighbour of Peter’s, he worked with both Peter and Ann Cowan in Canadian Studies, subsequently setting up the publishing program.

Linda Mackie, who shot our cover feature, is a professional makeup artist. She began expanding her business into the world of photography a few years ago when people started taking notice of portraits she had done for a few actor and musician friends. Her evolving photographic repertoire includes smaller scale commercial assignments, fashion, editorial, headshots, scenics, weddings, and personal portraiture. Linda combines her talents in both makeup and photography, giving her clients the best of both worlds. <>

Raeff Miles, who shot our special collections feature, is one of Canada’s premier still life, corporate, and editorial photographers. He began his career in the upper echelon of London’s photography scene. Today Raeff splits his time between studios in Toronto and Vancouver, shooting everything from Nike to Alfred Sung. But it’s B.C. he calls home and when he’s not behind the lens Raeff prefers to spend time with his family on Gambier Island. Among his recent credits he lists Sun Rype, Martha Sturdy, and Granville Island Brewing. <>

Gary Stasiuk is a flash designer and developer focusing on interactivity and user experience. Many of his innovative and experimental ideas are exhibited on his web site (see Mountain High). He also freelances through his company, Praxis Interactive, as well as creating interactive material for educators at SFU with the LIDC / media production group. Additionally, he teaches Flash at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design. <>

Eric Swanick, who wrote our story on the Jim Rimmer collection, is head of special collections and rare books at SFU’s Bennett Library. Special collections has recently acquired literary, gay, printing, and other collections and plans to expand these and other resources, especially, but not only, with a B.C. emphasis.