Don Anders, who shot the portrait of Kim Rossmo for our Alumni Watching section, has been the university photographer for Texas State University since December 1972. As a member of the Media Relations and Publications Department, he photographs everything needed to publicize the university including academics, athletics, and campus life on the century-old campus of Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.





Greg Ehlers photographed film graduate Joel Schwarz and our outstanding alumni winners. For the last decade he has been a photographer at SFU. Greg has a degree in still photography from Ryerson Polytechnical University, and when he's not behind his camera, Greg can usually be found in his garden.

Michael Gioffredi is an art zealot who is constantly learning and applying new knowledge and taking risks with new media. In this issue he has created a digital illustration for our science feature "By the Numbers." He loves the creative process, especially failure, because it leads to success. When he's not drawing, you can find him with his nose in a good book. He hates high school and can't wait to pursue an education in the visual arts with a focus in animation. His work was recently nominated for the Macromedia Student Innovation Award, Flash Forward, and the Seoul Net Festival. He is addicted to Disney and Miyazaki movies. <>



Diane Luckow interviewed SFU’s presidents about their predictions for the future. She is an SFU alumna (BA’78) and has written for national magazines and newspapers, as well as corporate clients, for the past 25 years. She is also co-editor of SFU News, the university’s newspaper. When she’s not tending to words, Diane can be found tending the plants in her large, never-to-be-finished garden.

Marianne Meadahl, who wrote our cover feature and contributed photos, is a former daily and community newspaper writer and photographer who joined SFU’s media and public relations team 15 years ago. Besides having a career that has allowed her to meet and photograph high-profile figures like the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, being a mom turns her focus to budding-hockey-and-soccer-star sons Sam and Jacob. She has won numerous awards for both writing and photography, but she feels most honoured when the boys show her work to their peers.

Curtis Trent is pictured here with his new favourite model, daughter Trudy. He photographed Helen Augustin on location in Vancouver for our Shrum medalist's feature. Curtis is an Edmonton-based photographer who has won national awards for his portrait, advertising, and fine art photography. Curtis has been known to shoot everything from a minister in Yellowknife to a deerhunt in northern Saskatchewan. His work regularly appears in publications such as Alberta Venture, Financial Post Business Magazine, and Canadian Living. Curtis divides his time between commercial photography and teaching the next generation of photographers at Grant MacEwan's Design Studies program. <>



Column Art by ... Photo of Don Anders by Kevin Melton, Photo of Michael Gioffredi by Michael Gioffredi, Photo of Marianne Meadahl by Laurie Stott, Photo of Curtis Trent by Curtis Trent