A unique web site, A Journey to a New Land, about the settling of the New World, has drawn more than two million hits and won four major awards. Now a partner site, A Journey into Time Immemorial, will feature a First Nations' perspective. The site is a partnership between SFU, the Xa:ytem Interpretive Centre, and the Squamish Nation. <>

Order of Canada

Biological sciences professor emerita Thelma Finlayson becomes a Member of the Order of Canada in the fall. She is recognized for her service to science and for her volunteer activities. Finlayson has mentored many in her long career and still comes up to the registrar's office to act as a special advisor to today's students.

It's Contagious!

Actually it's Contagion - an online game developed to teach children what they can do to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as SARS, West Nile virus, AIDS, and bird flu. The game is part of SAGE (Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environment for Learning) that is developing interactive games for kids. Faculty of Education's Suzanne de Castell developed Contagion with Jennifer Jenson of York University.

Cynthia Lee and Christopher Doege will spend second and third years in China.

The China Connection

Computing science students can now earn degrees from both SFU and Zhejiang University in China. Cohorts of Canadian and Chinese students will spend the first year of the program at their home university, two years at Zhejiang, and the final two years at SFU. Students from around the world, including Norway, the Philippines, and the U.S. are participating. <> or email

Richard Lipsey, one of Canada's most influential economists, has always challenged accepted practices and made economics relevant.

Highest Honour

Professor emeritus Richard Lipsey is awarded the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council's gold medal for research achievement, recognizing his more than 50 years of contributions to economic research. Lipsey played a key role in the free trade debates between Canada and the U.S. in the 1980s.

More 40th

University archives' display, Protests and Policies: How Sixties turbulence helped shape SFU, is on view in the atrium of the Maggie Benston building. Also on display is a series of historical panels that depict the history of women at SFU, the growth of SFU beyond Burnaby Mountain, the evolution of the athletics and arts programs, and the role of archives in telling the history of SFU.

Linked to NASA

Student Kerry Cupit (left) posts his paper on the Valles Marineris on Mars on his web site <>. One day his hits jump from 20 a day to 600 – all because someone at NASA liked the site and linked it to the space agency’s public access portal. To view the link, click on “shaped the region” at <>

No More Journalists

Well, that's a bit of an overstatement for now, but computing science professor Anoop Sarkar and his students are developing software that could write this magazine someday. SQuASH (SFU question answering summary handler) scans documents, then, based on a set of questions, creates a readable summary.

Discover a 3-Campus University

Add the 40th anniversary open house to your must-do list for Saturday, June 3. The Burnaby campus will have displays and activities for all ages. Can’t make it to Burnaby? Drop into the Vancouver or Surrey campus for a look around.

40 Years and Counting

Sue Digney (left) and Del Laity are the only two charter staff still working at the university. Both started work at the library when they were just out of high school. Digney is still in the serials division of the library and Laity is a data control clerk in finance.

Do You Remember the '60s?

The joke goes that if you do, you probably weren’t there. But if you do, University of Alberta PhD student Roberta Lexier wants to hear from you. She is writing about student activism at Canadian universities during the ’60s and is focusing on SFU, University of Toronto, and University of Saskatchewan Regina Campus.

Column Art by ... Photo of Barb Winter: Marianne Meadahl, Photo of Kerry Cupit: Diane Luckow (SFU M&PR), Photo ofRichard Lipsey: Julie Ovenell-Carter (SFU M&PR), Photo of Digney and Del Laity: Kathryn Aberle (SFU M&PR), Photo of Lee and Doege: Marianne Meadahl (SFU M&PR)