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Crime Fighters

We often seem preoccupied with criminal activity. Whether actual crime numbers are up or down, many of us feel increasingly edgy and unsafe in our urban environment.
What causes crime? And what can we do to prevent it?


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  • Mountain High

    SFU Pipe Band member Steven McWhirter wins the adult grade of the World Solo Drumming Championship in Belfast, Ireland. It's the highest level of international competition, and McWhirter is the first corps drummer of a grade one band to take the prize in 30 years.
  • Book Takes

    As the editors point out, it’s a long way from the Caribbean to Simon Fraser University. And one might ask how and why communications professor Robert Anderson and alumna Karis Hiebert (BSc’91) got involved in a project so far from home.
  • Alumni Watching

    Wendy Newman (BA'72) is executive director of ArtStarts, Canada's first gallery for kids-only work. The two-storey facility at the corner of Richards and Robson is dedicated to encouraging kids to appreciate and understand all aspects of the arts.
April 2007 issue cover