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Brain Development

Bernard Crespi has been quietly at work connecting research across the diverse fields of molecular genetic psychiatry and evolutionary biology – all with the view to better understanding the roots of two key brain disorders: autism and schizophrenia. But the SFU evolutionary biologist found himself in the spotlight last fall...


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  • Mountain High

    Biologist Bernard Roitberg (above) receives a gold medal from the Entomological Society of Canada. In his 30-year career, Roitberg has made extensive advances in the study of the behaviour and evolutionary ecology of insects and their enemies.
  • Book Takes

    Kim Rossmo (MA’87, PhD’96) takes a serious but fascinating look at some of the reasons why police work doesn’t always succeed. The reasons fall into three broad categories: cognitive biases, including perception, intuition, and tunnel vision; organizational traps, including groupthink, rumour, and ego; and errors in probability, including chance and randomness in forensics and profiling.
  • Who's News

    Jay Triano is an Outstanding Alumni Award winner, star basketball player, and Olympic basketball coach. Now, as interim head coach of the Toronto Raptors, he is the first Canadian coach in the NBA.
  • Alumni Watching

    Mona Jules (BGS’08) graduates from SFU’s Kamloops program with a Bachelor of General Studies with a minor in linguistics. Her focus is preserving the Secwepemc language and culture and teaching it to new generations.
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