Photo by: Peter Quinn

Caitlin Dawson wrote our article about Maryam Sadhegi of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS). Dawson is a linguistics graduate from Ireland who employs her love of language and storytelling as the communications coordinator with FAS. She writes regularly for SFU News and has written for Where Vancouver magazine and various blogs, including the national television show GetConnected. In her off time she can be found dreaming about deserts and the open road, or hunting for novelty treasures in thrift stores.

Photo by: Marianne Meadahl, University Communications

Greg Ehlers shot our feature story on SFU’s new Vice-President of Research, Joy Johnson, and the Outstanding Alumni Award winners. After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in still photography, Ehlers worked in the Toronto fashion industry before joining the medical photography team at the Hospital for Sick Children. Since returning to the West Coast, he has had the remarkably good fortune to be with SFU for more than two decades. He finds the work here diverse, interesting and always challenging.

Photo by: Raeff Miles

Raeff Miles shot our feaure on the Robert Bringhurst Collection as well as the portrait of Kody Baker for our Alumni Watching column. Miles is fortunate enough to do the photography for a large variety of advertising, editorial and corporate accounts, sharing and executing creative ideas with some incredibly talented people on a daily basis. Life is good.

Photo by: Brian Van Wyk

Grady Mitchell photographed Jennifer MacLeod for our cover feature on the Writers’ Exchange. Mitchell is a writer and photographer in Vancouver with a particular interest in documentary and portraiture. He’s shot photos and/or written for Vice, Ferrero Rocher, Sharp, PDN, and many more. When not working (or sort of working) he also enjoys travel and motorcycles.

Photo by: Mark Mushet

Mark Mushet, who shot our portrait of Howard Jang, survived a needlessly disorderly exit from the realm of print publishing to establish the VR brand as an online video production portal at He is also now shooting documentaries and commercial broadcast TV as though it was his first love. Oh, wait. It was! And then there’s the photography which, happily, remains a mainstay. <> <>

Photo by: Evaan Keraj

Anicka Quin (MPub’03) wrote both our cover story about alumna Jennifer MacLeod and her work with kids on the Downtown Eastside and our story about Howard Jang, professor of professional practice and director of SFU Woodward’s Cultural Unit. Quin is the editor-in-chief of Western Living and has written for publications including BCBusiness, Homemakers, and the National Post. Before she moved to Vancouver from Ontario to get her master’s at SFU, she was the managing editor of the national environmental magazine Alternatives Journal.

Photo by: Eric Swanick

Eric Swanick, who wrote our article on the Robert Bringhurst Collection, is head of Special Collections and Rare Books at SFU’s Bennett Library. He has previously contributed stories on a broad array of the library’s collections, from the cartoons to Punk ephemera.