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Scott Logie - Student Leader

You might say he has a split personality: on the one hand he's a serious engineering student, on the other, an outgoing theatre student starring in campus productions.
His prototype of a new medical device that will use a non-contact technique to test the pressure inside a patient's eyeball will help in detecting the development of glaucoma.


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  • Mountain High

    A 500-year-old debate on the origins of syphilis could be ended through DNA analysis. Archaeologist Dongya Yang, SFU's first expert in ancient DNA, is improving techniques for extracting and removing bacterial DNA dating back thousands of years.
  • Book Takes

    Masters of Publishing student Susan Juby has a three-book contract with HarperCollins U.S. and a two-book contract with HarperCollins Canada. A yet-to-be-written book joins Miss Smithers and Alice, I Think as part of the deal.
  • Changing Faces

    Vancouver philanthropist and friend of Simon Fraser University, Dr. Morris J. Wosk, died April 9. Wosk gave generously and once estimated he donated $50 million over his lifetime. His $3 million contribution to the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue was only one of many gifts to SFU.
  • Alumni Watching

    Chris Spence (BA'85) is the youngest school superintendent with the Toronto district school board. As a principal he's credited with turning the troubled Toronto inner-city Lawrence Heights Middle School into a national model and the only school to receive a 2000 Canada Award for Excellence from the National Quality Institute.

Speak Peak

The university is taking on more institutional trappings. The first SFU newsmagazine is born. Editor Dennis Roberts says it "intends to be completely above any campus politics. " And the first alumni newspaper, the Bridge, comes out with Ed Wong as editor and Gordon Hardy as copy editor.


When Andy Warhol said all of us would enjoy our 15 minutes of fame, he was smart enough to leave the "when" part up for grabs. And a good thing, too, for had Andy augmented his prediction with a statute of limitations, you would not now be reading yet another yarn about the improbable fame of alumnus Hans Fenger (BA'71).