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The Evolving Pattern That is Stella Atkins

Superman has x-ray vision, infrared vision, and several other "visions." He can peer inside you and detect the tiniest atomic particles. A physician with that kind of vision would be able to see the first individual cancer cell form in a tissue, or spot the first altered brain cell that might signal a future of multiple sclerosis. In fact, doctors are starting to approach Superman's powers. And SFU's Dr. Stella Atkins is helping them do it.


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    Leah George-Wilson (BA'91) is the first female chief of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation (Burrard Band). Her election to the post follows work on the band's negotiating team in the B.C. treaty process, a job with the band as self- government coordinator, election to the board of Leadership Vancouver, and frequent talks on First Nations governance to SFU political science classes.