Photo by i2i ART

Philippe Béha illustrated our story on university spin-offs. He was born and educated in France and has made Montreal his home for the last 26 years.
“My work isn’t work – for 27 years now I’ve been practising the craft of illustration and my passion for it is still growing,” he says. Philippe was educated at Beaux Arts de Strasbourg in France, graduating in 1976. He has gone on to win numerous awards in illustration, including winning the Governor General’s Award twice during his career. Philippe’s choice of medium varies, with work in watercolour and mixed media, using whatever solution is the best fit for the project. <>

Photo by Greg Ehlers

Greg Ehlers photographed our father and son feature in the new residences. For the last decade he has been a photographer at SFU. Before that he was a photo technician in the biology department at the University of Victoria and was a medical photographer at Toronto’s Sick Children’s Hospital. Greg has a degree in still photography from Ryerson Polytechnical University, and when he’s not behind his camera, Greg can usually be found in his garden.

Illustration by Rod Filbrandt

Rod Filbrandt, who illustrated Mountain High, is a Vancouver-based cartoonist, illustrator, film-maker, and squirrel enthusiast. His output has appeared in a wide range of venues, from the Village Voice to Mike & Spike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. He is also the creator of the comic strips Wombat, Dry Shave, and currently, Tar Paper Town. His latest film, Dry Shave, The Musical will be coming soon to a theatre nowhere near you. <>

Photo by Laurie Stott

Marianne Meadahl, who shot our cover feature, is a former daily and community newspaper writer and photographer who joined SFU’s media and public relations team 13 years ago. Besides having a career that allows her to meet and photograph high-profile figures like the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa, being a mom turns her focus to budding-hockey-and-soccer-star sons Sam, eight and Jacob, five. She has won numerous awards for both writing and photography but she feels most honoured when the boys show her work to their peers.

Photo by David A. Rodger

Sharon Proctor, our science writer, is a freelancer with a doctorate in biology from Stanford. She headed the education and interpretation activities for the Vancouver Aquarium for 20 years before turning to full-time writing. This issue she writes about the university’s success with spin-off innovations.