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Engaging India

He is doing a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry in a lab where research into carbohydrates might someday aid diabetics. Or where a treatment for influenza may be developed. He thinks Vancouver is the most beautiful city he has ever seen. He says he is both proud and happy to be here.


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  • Mountain High

    Criminals often think that all the evidence goes away when something is burned. But Stacey McCann, a criminology grad student, says that even after cars and the bodies in them are torched, bugs leave a lot of information. Using pig carcasses, McCann and her supervisor, criminologist and forensic entomologist Gail Anderson, are examining the remains to help pinpoint time of death.
  • Book Takes

    This lavishly illustrated gem gives us the history of the Lower Mainland from a maritime perspective. In six concise, readable chapters alumnus James Delgado shows us the central role ports have played in the development of the region.
  • Who's News?

    Jim Chu has been named the new Chief Constable for the City of Vancouver, beating out five other contenders for the top job. The tech-savvy veteran officer is the first person of Asian descent to head the Vancouver force.
  • Alumni Watching

    Erin Harron (MA’07) hits the streets of Whalley to research homelessness for her thesis. While working for the Whalley Business Improvement Association she interviewed 20 current and former homeless people along with government, social service, and business representatives.
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