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Green Guru

He wasn’t expecting it – in fact, he was betting it wouldn’t happen. On the same day that B.C.’s new carbon tax was unveiled, Mark Jaccard told a gathering of SFU alumni who were honouring him with an Outstanding Alumni Award that the news came as a pleasant surprise. “I plan to get drunk tonight,” he quipped.


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  • Mountain High

    Plant molecular biologist Dua’a Riyal (above) is in a race against the harmful effects of global warming. Her goal is to be part of the first laboratory in the world to successfully use TILLING (targeting induced local lesions in genomes) technology to breed a forest tree. Her work combines horticultural methods and genomic technologies including DNA trait selection. If successful it will help replenish the world’s rapidly depleting forests and restore balance to delicate ecosystems.
  • Book Takes

    Award-winning Vancouver Sun journalist Daphne Bramham (MALS’99) delves into a fundamentalist, polygamous Mormon sect with communities in Bountiful, B.C., and several American states. These are communities where young girls are married to men old enough to be their grandfathers, where the main role of women is to produce children, and where education is of so little importance most children don’t finish high school.
  • Who's News?

    Kevin Falcon, B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, gets plenty of airtime and print space. His issues run the gamut from the Sea-to-Sky Highway (Highway 99) to the northern reaches of the Gateway Project (a $3-billion initiative that will ensure B.C.’s potential as the Asia-Pacific Gateway to North America is realized) – and everything in between.
  • Alumni Watching

    Tom Kineshanko (BBA’08) is out in front in environmental innovation. He has transformed his grandfather’s company, Habitat Enterprises, into a firm that specializes in carbon trading, consulting, and project development. He did much of the work in his final honours semester studying sustainability in the faculty of business.
November 2008 issue cover