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Let the Show Go On

GORDON SHRUM WOULD BE PROUD of Simon Fraser University’s latest project, a new home for the School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) at the site of Woodward’s, one of Vancouver’s historic commercial icons. It will bring to the city five spectacular cultural spaces where a lively arts scene will flourish.


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  • Mountain High

    The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band wins its sixth world championship in Glasgow, Scotland. This is the second year in a row that SFU has come first, prompting Edinburgh’s premier newspaper, The Scotsman, to lament the state of Scots piping that results in a Canadian band winning and Irish bands coming second and third.
  • Book Takes

    James P. Delgado provides a fascinating look at San Francisco’s waterfront during the gold rush years. He draws on excavations of buried ships and collapsed buildings to recreate San Francisco’s unique maritime landscape and its rapid growth between approximately 1849 and 1856 from a small village of a few hundred people to a global trading hub with thousands of citizens.
  • Changing Faces

    The death of Arthur Erickson has occasioned numerous evaluations of his architectural career. At SFU we might ask, What was so radical about the design of this university that made it North America’s most famous new university in the 1960s?
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