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Of Football and Family

It was a decision so full of audacity that, even decades later, a mere reminder of it is enough to bring a smile to his weathered face. The same face that, in the most full-circle way possible, has matured from wide-eyed teenager to professional football coach.

That decision was to come to Simon Fraser University.


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  • Mountain High

    The SFU Woodward’s Cultural Unit has a new director, Howard R. Jang. Jang has served 14 years as executive director of Vancouver’s Arts Club Theatre Company.
  • Book Takes

    They dart in and out of the consciousness of the newly dead Song Leiyin: the yin soul, bright and helpful; the yang soul, stern and bitter; and the hun soul, reflective and sympathetic.
  • Who's News

    Stanley Wong is the new chief executive officer of the Hong Kong Competition Commission, having taken up the position in September.
  • Alumni Watching

    Amit Bhagat (BBA Hons.’14) is the youngest member of the TELUS Vancouver Community Board, a social initiative that puts financial decision-making...

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