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The Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology collects, researches and exhibits artifacts from around the world, with a focus on British Columbia. The Museum is affiliated with the Department of Archaeology.

The physical gallery is featured in some of these web pages. The examples of "totem poles" carved by First Nations artists are a feature of the exhibit space. These are all on loan to the university from the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria.

A large and growing archive of images having to do with archaeology and ethnology is the basis of many of our virtual exhibits. If you have photographs you think the museum might be interested in, please contact Dr. Barbara Winter at bwinter@sfu.ca or (778) 782-3325.

The exhibits are created by students as part of the museum studies courses offered in the Department of Archaeology. Students study collections management, archaeological conservation and web exhibit design. Some of their work may be viewed on this site.

Archaeological collections arising from excavations and other research by faculty, staff and students are housed in the museum.