The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Simon Fraser University
'TWAS THE YEAR 1994 AT DhRl 16.....
This was a busy year, as always.  But we did not
spend it outside in the hot summer sun (or the cold
rain) excavating.  Instead, the team of archaeologists
spent this year gathering together all the facts that
had been collected so far and tried to make some
sense out of them. This was not done 'in the field'
(on site) but probably at the universities where they worked.
Many people do not realize how important archaeology is.
They don't understand how knowing about the past
can help our future.  Because of this, archaeologists
often cannot get the money they need to go out to the site and work.
female archaeologist
Archaeology is very expensive!
You have to feed and (sometimes) pay people to work as
well as give them a place to stay (usually tents).
Specialists, like geologists (who study rocks) are often
asked to help. Their special knowledge helps us out a lot,
it gives us good clues... but they are sometimes expensive.
Besides these things, archaeologists have to have money
for the equipment they need for the excavation.
Now that you have been on the virtual journey of
DhRl 16 for two years (or 'field seasons'), try to imagine that
 you are a famous archaeological detetective beginning your own 'dig'.
What kind of things would you need to bring along?
At DhRl 16 we needed: