The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Simon Fraser University
O.K. all you archaeological detectives out there,
here is your big chance to show yourself
if you really have what it takes to be
a GREAT detective! Just take the quiz below:
Are you ready?
It might be useful to print this page out on your computer so you can write
your answers right in.
#1:    Why do we call the site DhRl 16? ________________________
#2:    What is the method that archaelogists use? _________________
#3: What tool is used a lot for excavating? _____________________
#4:    What is the scientific term used when scientists predict something? ____________
#5:    What First Nations People live in the area of DhRl 16? _____________
#6: Name two types of excavations: ____________________________
#7: What were the biggest features found at DhRl 16? ______________
#8:    According to stratigraphy, which would be the oldest layer of ground,
the one on the surface, or the one a few feet below the surface?
#9:    Name the instrument archaeologists use to survey a site: ___________
#10:    Is archaeology expensive or cheap?  _____________________
#11:    Name one of the techniques used to identify very tiny,
like seeds, beads and bones
(hint: there was two discussed): ________________
#12: Which type of remains do archaeologists recover most often,
organic or inorganic? _________________
Now check your answers by
clicking on the flower ! Hey, no cheating!!