Simon Fraser University
Sto:lo Nation
University of British Columbia
1998 DhRl 16 Field School

Notes from the field, June 25, 1998

We decided to excavate a test pit in this area in order to observe the changes that have occurred. We think we can compare what we find in test pit #1 with what we find in Area A. They date from the same time.
After only one day of excavation, we have found many artifacts from the very recent past, such as metal nails, a metal fork, the base of a lantern and a ladies ring.
Mixed in with these finds were many fire cracked rocks, woodworking tools like stone adze blades and projectile points (arrowheads).
Stone Adze Blade
Underneath these recent deposits we recognized the floor of a house. It had many burn patches, small areas of charcoal, burnt soil and bone. These are made by cooking with fires.
  Manya Buchan, Blanca Gonzalez, Tamara Logan. 


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