The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Simon Fraser University
Archaeological detectives have many 'tips' that they can use.
Tips are sort of like hints in that they give you a little bit
of information that you would not have known if you hadn't found it.
During our virtual journey through DhRl 16, we use a lot of tips.
Our tips come from many different places: from books, from First
Nations people and from archaeologists.
Tips are great for archaeological detectives, like us, because
they can give us the inside scoop on things that we want to know about!
Let's pretend that you are out walking in the park near
your house one day and trip across a big log.
You almost hit your head on a really big rock.
Phew! Close call .... but you are all right.
You are lying face down in the dirt.  As you open your eyes
and get up you notice that the big rock that you almost fell onto
has some strange designs carved into it! Cool!
Being the archaeological detective that you are, you take
careful note to remember where the rock is.  Since you have a pencil
and paper you sit down and draw out the carved design.
Now is your chance to go and get tips!
Can you think of some different ways to do this?
Well, you could:
After collecting all of your tips from these sources you probably
found out that what you saw was called a 'petroglyph'.  Without the
tips this would have been difficult to find out.
Good Job!
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