During the time of the Incas, the population of the Andes was much greater than it is today and avoiding starvation was a problem. The Inca people built a system of terraces along the mountainsides which increased the amount of land under cultivation beyond that which was available in the valleys.
Approximately 60% of all vegetables we eat today, all around the world, were originally domesticated in the Andean region, including tomatoes, potatoes and corn. Can you imagine a world without chocolate? Without the people of the ancient Andean region, the world wouldn't have chocolate. Thank you!
The coastal economy of ancient Peru was based on fishing while agriculture and animal husbandry were the basis of the economy of the sierras. The Amazon river valley produced fruit and colourful feathers.
The people of the ancient Andes have had a profound effect on the way we live today:
  • What would Italians eat on their spaghetti without tomatoes?
  • What would have happened during the potato famine in Ireland without potatoes?
  • What would we eat on our chocolate sundaes without chocolate?
  • And what about coffee?? Would you want to deal with your teacher or parent without coffee? EH??

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