Here is a list of useful books. Your local librarian will be happy to help you find these and many other books about the Inca
  1. Branigan, Professor K. The Atlas of Archaeology, Macdonald and Co. Publishers Ltd.: 1982.
  2. Deubelbeiss, Patrick The Earliest Cities, Silver Burdett, Ontario: 1985.
  3. Malam, John Indiana Jones Explores. . . The Inca. Arcade Publishing, New York: 1993.
  4. Millard, Anne The Atlas of Ancient Worlds. Darling Kindersley, New York: 1994.
  5. Reinhard, Johan Discovering the Inca Ice Maiden: My Adventures in Ampato. National Geographic Society, Washington, DC: 1998.
  6. Stefoff, Rebecca Finding the Lost Cities. Oxford University Press, New York: 1997.
  7. Wood, Tim The Incas. Heinmann Publishers, Great Britian: 1996.

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