Julia's Mask

Julia decided to make her mask out of clay. (Ask at your local craft store which is the best and most economical kind.) After the clay became pliable she flattened it down (the black colour is from the newsprint, but that doesn't matter if you paint it afterwards).
The First Step

She and an adult then baked it according to the package instructions and waited breathlessly for it to cool so she could start to paint and decorate it.

She chose two cool colours in acrylic paint which she felt would make the mask look like a recent archaeological find. Then she set about painting a scary face on it which would deter potential grave robbers from bothering her mummy.
The Second Step

After the agonizing wait for the paint to dry Julia added the finishing touches which included colourful ribbons for hair and golden glitter for eye decoration. It is at this stage she added the missing teeth and evil pupils which make the mask as scary as it is.
The Finished Product

The only thing left to do was show off her cool creation beneath the totem pole at the SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.
Our Incan Death Mask Models

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