Hey, want to keep a record of your stuff that your little brother won't be able to figure out??
Use a quipu! Your favourite books, CD's, video games, anything you want!
Start with a thick main cord of string stretched between two chairs. The smaller secondary cords can be thinner. Use different colours of cords to represent each class of things you want to remember. If you raid your grandmother's knitting basket, you can probably find lots of little bits of wool that would look cool.
Some of the numbers you might want to use will probably be pretty complicated. How many people have just a couple of CD's? So, be sure to have some really long strings. (You can control the really long ones by rolling them up and wrapping the ball with an elastic band. But, only people who did macrame in the 1960's know this trick, so don't tell anyone. They might think you do macrame, and that wouldn't be cool.)

Tie a figure 8 to represent 1
The Figure Eight Knot

Tie a long knot to represent 2 to 9
The Long Knot

A single knot can represent 10's, 100's and higher units, sort of like an abacus.
The Simple Knot

Here's what a finished one might look like.
I Can't tell you what this is. . .

Or even like this. . .
SHHHHH It's a Secret. . .

If you make one, send us a picture of your quipu with your name and we'll put it up on this web page! Send it to Alice. THANKS!

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