A HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to Dr. Barbara J. Winter :
For providing us with guidance, computers, artifacts and all that awesome constructive criticism. But most of all just for putting up with us early in the morning before she could consume an appropriate amount of that, oh so wonderful South American product, Coffee.

Thanks also to Sarah Melville who took the majority of our stunning artifact photos.

A large pat on the back for our translator Irene Ouimet who did the initial translations from English to French and the bulk of the research for this page. She also figured out how to make quipu and drew all those pictures that even I could follow.

A large and heartfelt thank you to our editor Michele Thomas who took a whole lot of time she didn't have and painstakingly corrected the grammatical errors in our text. Without her help this site would still be hidden and inaccessible to the public.

Thanks to Julia and Jeremy, who made the COOLEST Inka Death Masks I have ever seen!!!!!! Jeremy also did a lot of the photos which appear in the make your own mask section. Aren't they awesome?

And a big Thank You also goes out to the archaeologists, museum benefactors and conservators who make the study and display of artifacts possible.

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Agriculture Quechua Arts and Crafts Quipu Photo Gallery Religion
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