Tanisha Salomons

MA Student, George Nicholas

Areas of interest

Decolonization, Collaborative and community-based research, Heritage, Indigenous Epistemologies, Indigenous Archaeology, Pacific Northwest, Haida Gwaii


  • BA: University of British Columbia, 2011 (First Nations Studies)
  • BEd: Simon Fraser University, 2015 (Indigenous Perspectives Teacher Education, minor in Environmental Education)

MA Thesis/Research

Currently titled: “id kuuniisii ad siilaay Ganah, for our ancestors and future generations: Haida Perspectives on Heritage and Heritage Protection.” My thesis will be a case study of the Haida Nation’s efforts to protect Tlaga Gaawtlaas relative to Haida conceptions of heritage and provincial heritage legislation. The situation at Tlaga Gaawtlaas presents an opportunity to explore the differences between Indigenous (Haida) and western understandings of heritage and heritage protection, and to improve policies and practices for the management of Indigenous heritage. The aim of this project is to explore how and why differences in conceptions of “heritage” contributed to conflict at Tlaga Gaawtlaas, and what the implications of the issues raised in this case are for Indigenous heritage management on Haida Gwaii and in British Columbia more generally.


Salomons, Tanisha 

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Salomons, Tanisha, and Erin Hanson 

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Learning about traditional plant use from the late Norma “Rose” Point at sćəlexw (Musqueam, 2009).
Working with my archaeology mentor, the late Wayne Point, at sćəlexw (Musqueam, 2009).