How to Check a Balance in FAST

*Note: If there is a travel advance on the account, the balance available will be less than what is posted in FAST.

Basic Viewing

  • Go to, and login with your SFU Computing ID.
  • If you click 'Enter', you will see a list of your grants sorted by Fund type (13, 24, 31, etc). You can drill-down by clicking on the blue text, to see a list of your Fund 31 accounts, or Fund 13 accounts, etc.

How to generate a Fund 31 report in a Tri-Agency format

  1. Select Research Statement (Form 300) for Desired Option
  2. Report will produce only current year reporting. The Balance (A-B) is the sum of carried forward budget + current year budget – current year expenses. This Balance figure is before Outstanding Commitments at Close of Period. Thus, the unused funds will be Balance (A-B) – Outstanding Commitments.