Budget Guidelines for Grants

Equipment Purchased with Grant Funds

Equipment ownership should be vested in SFU.

From SFU Policy A 30.08 - Release of Equipment When Faculty Leave SFU:

  1. Equipment purchased from research grants or with University funds (including internal research funds) belongs to the University. This equipment will remain with the University and will not be transferred when a faculty member leaves Simon Fraser University.
  2. Equipment purchased with funds from a Canadian granting Council or research contract, may be transferred to another Canadian university when a faculty member moves to that institution provided the equipment is not necessary for the research activities of other researchers at Simon Fraser University. Otherwise the equipment will remain at Simon Fraser University.
  3. Equipment which has been transferred to the university from another university may be transferred again provided that the equipment is not necessary for the activities of other researchers at Simon Fraser University.

(From Research Accounting)

Use of Funds

Looking for conditions of awards? Refer to:

Tri-Council/Tri-Agency related:

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

SFU Procurement website:

Not Sure About Eligibility of Expense?

  • Seek Research Accounting’s advice
  • Contact Sponsor- final decision/approval (if approved, attach to receipt to be submitted to Research Accounting)

Note: iPads or similar tablet devices are not eligible on TriCouncil related projects; if above and other electronic devices are for data collection purposes, please contact Tri-Council directly to provide written approval and attach to your submitted receipt.

Significant Variance

Inform Research Accounting or Office of Research Services


  • Change in scope of project
  • Variance in budget line item
  • Delay in deliverables, reporting
  • Change in end date/completion date
  • Anticipated shortage in matching contribution