PhD Defence

There is more information in the Degree Completion section at the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies webpage.

Note: Title changes are not permitted after your defence. PhD Defences are not permitted the first week of january.

7-8 weeks before your defence

  • Ensure you're registered in ARCH 899 (Thesis Course)
  • Check your student record to ensure that you have completed all required coursework for the degree. Your Academic Progress Report (APR) should only show "Not Satisfied" for your thesis course. If other requirements are displaying “Not Satisfied” contact your supervisor or graduate assistant as soon as possible
  • Check your financial account to ensure all outstanding fees have been paid
  • Apply to graduate

Provide your Graduate Program Assistant with the following:

  • Date and time
  • Preferred location (online or in-person - if hybrid, see: Hybrid Defence Info)
  • Thesis title
  • List of supervisory committee members
  • Information for Internal Examiner (generally your Supervisor will provide this)
  • Information for External Examiner (generally your Supervisor will provide this)
    (Note: a 2-page bio/CV is required, as well as their phone, email, and Skype information)
  • Provide any ethics or animal care approvals (if required)
    ** Animal Care has an Animal Care Protocol Approval Form - For Thesis Submission form available on their website.

This information should be provided as early as possible, as sometimes it's difficult to track people down for signatures. Your Graduate Program Assistant will prepare the required forms and track down signatures.

6 weeks before your defence (absolute deadline)

  • Copy of Thesis to your Graduate Program Assistant for dispersal
  • Copy of your abstract for advertising
  • Your A/V requirements. If you are coming to campus, please ensure you will have access to any important emails that require MFA or two-factor authentication. If the defence is taking place online, the defence chair will provide Zoom information.

Your defence

  • Bring yourself, your computer, and your presentation. Note: The department may not be able to set up any Skype or Zoom connections for a hybrid defence. If someone is attending by videoconference, you need to discuss this with the Graduate Program Assistant prior to the event.

After the defence

  • Follow the directions your supervisor and committee have given you regarding any changes to be made to the final copy of your thesis
  • Your Graduate Program Assistant will provide a signed copy of your Recommendation for Award of Degree form that will need to be uploaded with your thesis, once your supervisor has authorized its release
  • Apply for Convocation through Generally, students completing September through April convocate in June, and students completing May through August convocate in October. SFU does not send out confirmations for convocation until three weeks prior. If you have family planning to attend from out of town, please check the SFU Convocation website for more information.