Dr. Knut Fladmark

BA (University of British Columbia); PhD (University of Calgary)
Tel: 778.782.3135• Fax: 778.782.5666 • Email: kfladmark@airspeedwirelsss.ca

General Research Interests

Retired August 2008.  Research interests include Northwestern North American Quaternary environments, North American ethnographic cultures, PaleoIndian adaptations, geoarchaeology, Canadian prehistory, fur-trade archaeology and northwestern North America ethnography and prehistory.

Research Programs

Most recent research projects have included survey and excavations program in the Mount Edziza obsidian quarry area, excavation and analysis of PaleoIndian and later components at the Charlie Lake Cave site in northeastern B.C., initial field work at Rocky Mountain Fort as part of the "B.C. land based fur trade project", and a survey for PaleoIndian sites in the B.C. southern interior. Undergraduate and graduate student employment was provided on each of the listed field projects. A long term research involvement in B.C. prehistory in general led to the preparation and publication of a popular synthesis in this area by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.