Peter Locher

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Laboratory Technologist

In the position of Technologist, I am responsible for all technical aspects of the Department’s teaching/research laboratories and collections, computing operations, and the maintenance of laboratory and field equipment. I also help with the orgaization of fieldschools and individual field projects and organize and lead fieldtrips such as a two day fieldtrip for the 2014 Geological Society of America Conference.

General Research Interests

I received an MA from SFU in 2006 and specialize in Geoarchaeology / Geomorphology. I have experience in Northwest Coast First Nations archaeology and late  Pleistocene/Early Holocene landscapes and landforms; and co-directed excavations in 2004 and 2007-2008. 


Locher P. and F. Berna

2014  Holocene human interaction and adaptation to geological and climatic changes in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Canyon, and Coast Mountain area of British Columbia: A geoarchaeological view. In Trials and Tribulations of Life on an Active Subduction Zone: Field Trips in and around Vancouver, Canada, edited by Shahin Dashtgard and Brent Ward, pp. 53-77. GSA Field Guides, 38.