Rudy Reimer - Publications

Reimer, Rudy, Pierre Freile, Kenneth Fath and John Clague
2016   Tales from the River Bank: An in situ stone bowl found along the shores of the Salish Sea on the southern Northwest Coast of British Columbia. Journal of Northwest Anthropology Vol 50, No. 1: 1-26.

Reimer, Rudy
2015   Reassessing the role of Mount Edziza obsidian in northwestern North America. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 2: 418-426.

Reimer, Rudy and Tyrone Hamilton
2015   Implications between Technological Organization and Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis on Lithic Material Use at Two Rockshelter Sites on the southern Northwest Coast. In Toolstone Geography, Edited by Ronald Adams and Terry Ozbun. SFU Archaeology Press. Burnaby, British Columbia.

Reimer, Rudy
2014   The Nch’kay (Mount Garibaldi) Obsidian Source and its Local to Regional Archaeological Distribution. International Obsidian Studies Bulletin, No. 50, pp. 10-17.

MacDonald, Brandi Lee, Ron Hancock, Aubrey Cannon, Fiona McNeill, Rudy Reimer, and Alice Pidruczny
2013   Elemental Analysis of Ochre Outcrops in Southern British Columbia, Canada. Archaeometry 55, No 6, pp. 1020-1033.

Vellikey, Elizabeth and Rudy Reimer
2013   Rock Paintings of the Squamish Valley, British Columbia: Geochemical Analysis of Pigments Using Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (pXRF). American Indian Rock Art, edited by William D. Hyder, American Indian Rock Art Association 39: 131-141.

Reimer, Rudy
2010   Nach’en or Transforming into a Squamish Nation Indigenous Archaeologist. In being and becoming indigenous archaeologists (edited by George Nicholas). Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California.

Klassen, Michael, Rick Budwha and Rudy Reimer
2009   First Nations, Forestry, and the Transformation of Archaeological Practice in British Columbia, Canada. Heritage Management: Managing Heritage with Indigenous Communities 2(2): 199-238.

Lyons, Natasha and Rudy Reimer
2008   Indigenous Archaeology. In Archaeology. 5th Edition. Edited by Hurst-Thomas, D., Kelly, R., Dawson, Peter. Thompson Wadsworth Publishing.

Reimer, Rudy
2007   Smaylilh or Wild People Archaeology. Nexus: The Canadian Student Journal of Anthropology 20: 8-32.