Dr. Dennis Sandgathe

BA hons (University of Calgary); MA (University of Alberta); PhD (Simon Fraser University)
Tel: 778.782.4817 • Fax: 778.782.5666 • Email: dms@sfu.ca

General Research Interests

My analytical specialization is stone tool technology and my regional expertise is in Palaeolithic Eurasia. My primary interest is in the nature of Middle Palaeolithic adaptations; the role that material culture played in these adaptations; how these adaptations and their associated lithic assemblages changed over time, and how they differed between hominin species. Currently a specific focus is on the role that fire played in Neandertal adaptations: trying to get some understanding of what level of pyrotechnology Neandertals had achieved. I am also investigating the ongoing question of Neandertal mortuary behaviour: whether they intentionally buried their dead or not. For the last 13 years I have been excavating cave sites in Southwest France (Pech de l'Azé IV, Roc de Marsal, La Ferrassie, La Gane).

I have also been involved in excavating the Middle Palaeolithic site of Grotte des Contrebandiers in Morocco (early modern human remains our team recovered here in 2008 were featured in the National Geographic television's 'The World's Oldest Child'). In the past I have also worked in Northern Spain and in the North American Northern Plains. For more information about my past and current projects, and the other researchers I work with, go to: www.oldstoneage.com and 'Old Stone Age' on Facebook.